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Adobe is pleased, as the platinum sponsor of Content Strategy Applied (“CSA”), to offer a special rate to this top-notch content strategy conference. Read more about this unique event, and find out how to register at a special Adobe discount.

What is Content Strategy Applied?

Content Strategy Applied is a two-day conference that focuses on content strategy in the workplace. Other conferences cover the principles and theory underpinning content strategy, and this is the place is where presenters show what it’s like to put content strategy to work.

The first CS Applied took place in 2011, and repeated to 2013. Personal circumstances led to a dormant period, but the gap for practitioners on this side of the Atlantic became apparent. Lucie Hyde, founder of the conference, and Rahel Anne Bailie, Chief Knowledge Officer at Scroll and a recognised industry thought leader, decided it was time to revive the event. Rahel, who organised the first ever content strategy conference in 2008, was keen to collaborate with Lucie to bring quality content strategy programming back to London.

Why Should I Attend Content Strategy Applied?

It’s not easy to find a concentration of content strategy presentations and workshops in a single event. This is the perfect opportunity to hear how seasoned practitioners have fared, learn about trends in the industry, and network with peers. It’s also a way to get two workshops in – a great learning opportunity. It’s also an affordable option for delegates based in the UK and Europe. The 2017 conference will be a cozy affair – the venue can hold a maximum of 150 attendees – so it will be easy to chat at leisure with other delegates.

Keynote Speakers

The conference has two fantastic and knowledgeable keynote speakers.

James Mathewson

James Mathewson, the brilliant mind behind Outside In Marketing, is opening the conference with an intriguing look at Cognitive Content Strategy. For those of us who are watching how artificial intelligence and machine learning affects how we work with content, this will be a treat.

James Mathewson has 20 years of experience in applying content strategy to build web audiences.

As editor in chief (EIC) of, James built the audience from 0 to 1.8 million unique visitors per month in six months.

As EIC of, James helped double engagement with IBM content. As IBM’s Distinguished Technical Marketer, he runs a center of excellence (COE) to help the many and various IBM brands and business units improve their digital content effectiveness. In this role, he has helped build business unit microsites from scratch that account for 80 percent of the organic marketing traffic and engagement for IBM. James is lead author of Audience, Relevance, and Search: Targeting Web Audiences With Relevant Content (2010) and Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide Your Content Marketing (2016).

Madi Weland Solomon

Madi Weland Solomon is also talking about trends, with a focus on feeds. She will be discussing how behavioural data affects what we do – or should be doing.

Madi brings over twenty years of knowledge and experience from a range of sectors. She is a creative technologist that specialises in information architecture, business intelligence, and semantic technologies that bridge the technical with social and cultural constructs. She has held executive roles in large multi-national companies and has initiated and led business transformation programs from the ground up. By combining soft skills with hard data, she has successfully introduced innovative products and new processes into operation.

She is on the Advisory Board for Whisk, an online food platform, and Marketing Officer for Northern Creative Studios.

She holds certifications in TOGAF-9 Enterprise Architecture, the International Association of Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), and The Open Data Institute. She is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Digital Asset Management, and Co-Chair of the W3C Open Linked Education Data Community Group. She holds a BFA from Boston University.

Main Topics

The theme for 2017 is benchmarking. As content strategy practices have matured, attention has turned to getting some ROI from content, and to do that, there needs to be a discernable difference between the way content is delivered now vs the way it will be delivered after improvements.

Also, this year seems to be the year of the content model. Three workshops on content modelling, from three different practices, are on offer. That’s not to say that you need to be an expert to attend. There are other workshops, as well, including one on the core content strategy process – great for the newer content strategist or as a refresher.

Check out the full conference program here.


The strength in the programme is the presenters. Among the industry luminaries who are presenting, Noz Urbina brings his ever-popular workshop on adaptive modelling and a presentation on customer journeys. Beverley Brown, ex-PayPal, presents on digital transformation. Padma Gillen, former Head of Content Design for GDS ( has an engaging case study. Marlowe Beckley, Kevin Nichols, Keith Anderson, Lisa Moore, Ellis Pratt, Stefan Gentz … the list goes on.

The other highlight is that some of the sponsors have give-aways – licenses to their software or services, some coming in at the £1,000 mar, – so there is an incentive to stay till the end and be eligible for the draw.

Social and Networking

A reception is planned at the end of the first day of the conference, where people can unwind and socialise informally. The conference venue is located in the heart of a Middle Eastern neighbourhood of London, so look for a surprise with a bit of a twist.

Also, the London meetup, Content Seriously, will be held the evening before the conference, with the hopes that locals who can’t attend the conference will be able to get a taste of the expertise that is in town. And of course, what conference is complete without a speakers’ dinner? It’s a lot to pack into the short time, but it’s important to have a good balance between work and social.


CS Applied 2017 is being held on February 9–10th at Etc. Venues Marble Arch, Garfield House, 86 Edgware Road, London, W2 2EA. The venue is lovely – the conference has the first floor, with one large room and several break-out rooms, and the dining room has a cozy feel to it.

The website has lots of information about transit options and accommodation options. Getting around London is so efficient with public transit, and the venue is an easy walk from the Underground station.

Registration: Get 30% discount with ADOBE

There’s a 30% discount if you register using ADOBE as your discount code in the registration form! You can register directly here with the form below or at

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