FrameMaker FDK – Highlight All Instances of a Word in a Document

Utility to Highlight All Occurrences of a Word in a FrameMaker Document

Hello Framers, In this blog post, I am going to describe “Highlight all occurrences of a word” – a very commonly used text-editing feature, internally developed using FDK (Frame Development Kit) and FrameMaker’s conditional text feature. This will help for fast visualization of a specific word used throughout the document. Sometimes using FrameMaker’s native Find […]

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ExtendScript of the Week: Close All Files in a Book without Saving

  Continuing with the series ‘Extendscript of the week’, we are providing an extendscript to Close All Files in a Book without Saving. This will show how to use FrameMaker ESTK to traverse a hierarchical book and perform operations on its components. Download the zip file from CloseAllFilesInBookScript and unzip the content to local disk. About the […]

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