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Tammy Halter

Tammy Halter

Tammy Halter is the founder of Absolute Data Group (ADG) and co-founder of OneStrand LLC a services and solution company. OneStrand offers technical document creation combined with new software, services, and standards to best manage critical technical content in the aerospace, defense, and transport industries. Tammy has over 20 years experience in the information technology field; including SGML/XML publishing and document management experience with various solution companies. She has been a technical trainer, support engineer and project manager for several SGML software Distributors over the years, and was the Frame Product Engineer, Asia Pacific & Latin America for Adobe Systems in 1997. Tammy is a winner of numerous awards in the industry and a regular speaker at several industry programs.
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[Guest Post] “Top 10 reasons to move from Microsoft Word to Adobe FrameMaker”, by Tammy Halter

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