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Security update available for RoboHelp

Summary: An important vulnerability has been identified in RoboHelp and RoboHelp Server. A specially crafted URL could be used to create a cross-site scripting attack on RoboHelp installations. Solution for this is now available. Affected Software Versions: RoboHelp 9 (versions and earlier), RoboHelp 8, RoboHelp Server 9, and RoboHelp Server 8 for Windows. Note: Customers […]

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What’s new in Adobe AIR Help 2.0 [VIDEO]

We introduced ‘Adobe AIR Help’ in RoboHelp 8, a platform and browser independent output format that powers the next generation of documentation. The response has been over-whelming. Web 2.0 features to engage with the product community, appealing layouts and the ability to keep the content up-to-date, accurate and consistent made more and more technical communicators adopt […]

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