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When gray scale is better: Getting Real: Electronic Documents in the Field

This blog touches on highlights of Joe Gollner’s excellent co-Webinar with Adobe TCS on “Getting Real”, creating documentation for challenging environments where backlit screens and relatively short battery life for an iPad may not work well. There are a variety of areas, ranging from military to remote construction, where eReaders with opaque, grayscale screens can […]

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Part 2: 13 Common mistakes communicating Policies & Procedures Webinar highlights

Raymond Urgo completed his coverage of the 13 most common mistakes in managing and communicating policies and procedures. Having spent years in this field, Urgo has observed many common mistakes, starting with the error of handling training separating from development of P&P. This brief blog highlights a few key points made by Urgo and contains […]

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Text Mining: removing “Nuggets” of ambiguity from FrameMaker content

On May 10th, we had an extremely informative webinar with guest John Smart, “Text Mining from Adobe FrameMaker: How to find lost Terminology in seconds.”  (Note: free Adobe account registration required to view this or any other on-demand webinar.) This webinar focused on how one of Smart Software’s tools (Text Miner)can be used to “mine” terminology […]

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