Probing our Future with Adobe and The Transformation Society

[Guest Post] “Blazing the Future TechComm Trail” by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo

Most of us went through a schooling process that involved memorizing or repeating knowledge that others had come up with first. Our job, as school kids, was to absorb the linear progression of accumulated wisdom of the ages, so we could add to it “when we got older.” Technical communicators in today’s information ecosystems don’t […]

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[Guest Post] “Human Bionics: More Freedom or Electronic Slavery?”, by Ray Gallon and Neus Lorenzo

Why on earth would anyone want a bionic implant? Does the idea raise visions of Cyborgs and Androids? – Science fiction! But wait – do heart valves count? What about implanted ocular lenses after cataract surgery? Artificial hips, cardiac pacemakers, dental implants? If you think about it for a moment, we are already quite a […]

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