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RoboHelp 2019


RoboHelp 2019 – Update 12 (March 2020)

Update 12 of Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) includes the ability to publish frameless output to RoboHelp Server and many fixes in areas such as authoring, output, search, and more.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 11 (February 2020)

Update 11 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) includes many fixes around authoring, import of Microsoft Word documents, and publishing to PDF, Word, and Responsive HTML5.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 10 (December 2019)

Update 10 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) adds support for import of Markdown, a new spell check management, side-by-side authoring in split view, easy screen tip editing for hyperlinks, and enhanced Table of Contents management, and customizable AutoSave. Update 10 also brings many enhancements and bug fixes.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 9 (September 2019)

Update 9 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) introduces a new global “Find and Replace,” publish to Microsoft DOCX, an improved Responsive HTML5 Frameless Output, and a new Frameless Skin “Oceanic.” Update 9 also brings many fixes and enhancements in areas such as authoring, publishing, and stability.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 8 (July 2019)

Update 8 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) introduces a new “frameless” layout and a new skin, introduces support for JavaScript-based Scripting, and a completely revamped “Special Characters/Symbols” browser. Update 8 also brings many fixes and enhancements in areas such as authoring, publishing, and stability.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 7 (May 2019)

And here we are with Update 7 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release). Update 7 introduces command line-based output generation. And you can now edit glossary terms and variable names and RoboHelp will update them automatically wherever they are used in your project. And we have fixed 29 bugs and issues. And in this blog post, you can find all the details about it.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 6 (April 2019)

With Update 6 for Adobe RoboHelp 2019 we introduce a new rounded number list template, a restart list numbering option, a new sample master page, and granular styling options for PDF output. We also provide Section 508 compliant skins now out-of-the-box. We have also fixed many bugs and user reported issues such as CHM window settings, working with Git, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Arabic output search issues and many more.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 5 (February 2019)

With Update 5 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) you can now update the properties for multiple files in one go, publish to Microsoft SharePoint Online as ASPX, associate project files with external applications, work with a much enhanced topic list, work more comfortable with the spell checker, style your content with rounded corner and prefixes, and work with modular style sheets. Update 5 also fixes 21 bugs and glitches.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 4 (January 2019)

Update 4 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) is packed with a lot of new features and many enhancements! You can now import and link FrameMaker documents, create stunning tables with the new Table Style CSS Editor, publish to RoboHelp Server, FTP and Secure FTP (SFTP), import .h files into the new map editor and edit map IDs inline, create clean XML Output, add “See Also” and “Related Topics” sections to your topics, fix broken links easily, and enjoy a much enhanced topic overview list and an enhanced Email link generator. Update 4 also fixes 20+ issues reported by users and partners.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 3 (November 2018)

With Update 3 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) we introduce a JavaScript Editor, user variables in topic titles, layers in the Image Map editor, and a new Responsive HTML5, help center style skin called “Coffee.” We have also further enhanced the CSS editor, the insert image dialog, the Topic Properties panel and added a couple of new keyboard shortcuts. Update 3 also fixes a couple of issues and crashers reported by users and partners.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 2 (October 2018)

With Update 2 for Adobe RoboHelp (2019 release) we have implemented support for Microsoft Tem Foundation Server (TFS), implemented comprehensive map file support, give support for multi-level lists (nested lists), add an auto-numbering feature for headings and paragraphs, provide better support for and visibility of bookmarks, introduced an eyedropper to sample colors from anywhere of your screen, make working with tables more easy, and added custom navtitles for user-definied table of contents navigations. Update 2 also fixes a couple of issues and crashers reported by users and partners.

RoboHelp 2019 – Update 1 (September 2018)

With Update 1 for RoboHelp 2019 you can now cross-reference index keyword among each other and add variables to index keywords. TOC and Glossary panels now support drill-down view. You can toggle the display of paragraph markers (¶), work with an enhanced expanding and drop-down text. We have also introcuded support for topic TOCs, enhanced the Microsoft Word document import and enhanced the upgrade of RoboHelp Classic skins. Also, you can now work with language-specific labels, add breadcrump navigation for your readers, and have enhanced the master page support. Also, you can now work with browse sequences, merge projects for Responsive HTML5 and WebHelp. Update 1 also fixes a couple of issues and crashers reported by users and partners.

RoboHelp 2019 release

The 2019 release of Adobe RoboHelp lets you design and deliver exceptional Help, policy and knowledgebase content. Work faster with a reimagined user interface. Create media-rich experiences using HTML5 and CSS3. Easily customize layouts and templates with a powerful CSS and skin editor. Publish content across screens as Responsive HTML5, PDF, Mobile App and more to serve customers across all touchpoints. Personalize experiences using Dynamic Content Filters. Make search easier for your customers with a new algorithm, search autocomplete and autocorrect. Take collaboration to the next level using Git, SharePoint Online and more …