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Make Gradient Text in Illustrator and More

It’s great meeting our customers and finding out how they use our products; personally what I love the most is bringing new skills and methods into the mix, making new tools discoverable and relevant to their endeavours, or revealing tools/techniques that may have been overlooked (as you have your nose to the grindstone all day). Some questions keep coming up so there’s now a new category of posts on my blog—Q and A—where I’ll add the answer to common questions from customers and event audiences.

The Question:

“How do I put a gradient fill on text in Illustrator without outlining the text?”

The Answer:

Making gradient text in Illustrator isn’t perhaps as straightforward as you’d expect but if you know how it’s really simple:

  1. Use the Selection Tool to select the textstep1
  2. Make sure that the Fill swatch is in front in the Toolbox (tap X on your keyboard to toggle Fill/Stroke)
  3. Tap / (slash key) to remove the current fillstep2
  4. Hold down CMD and tap / againstep3
  5. Tap the Period (full-stop) key to apply a gradient fillstep4step5
  6. Use the Gradient Panel and Gradient Tool to adjust as desired
  7. Text is still live!

Don’t forget that you can add multiple fills and use opacity settings for each fill, as well as in the gradients themselves—the possibilities are almost endless.step8step9