Make Lego Not War

There’s been a little bit of a buzz on Twitter about a Python script that turns your gif images into Lego ( and in this post I thought I’d take a look at not just how you can do this with images, but also with video in Photoshop. All you need for this tutorial is a simple image of a single Lego stud, which you can get by downloading Legofy from the link above, or via this link ( or of course, make your own.

Make the Pattern Tile

The main part of this technique involves making a pattern tile:

  1. Open the image in Photoshop, and Select All (⌘-A)
  2. Go to Edit > Define Pattern… and name your patternstep1

Now that bit of incredibly hard work is complete, we can start using it!

Making a Lego-ified Image

step1aOpen any image and convert it to a Smart Object, then apply the Mosaic filter (Filter > Pixelate > Mosaic…) to that; the important part here is matching your mosaic tile size to the pattern tile—if you’re using the brick pattern from above then it’ll be 30px.step2

Add a new layer, and choose Edit > Fill, select the Pattern option in the dialog; then choose your Lego pattern:step3

You’ll have a layer like this:step3a

Change the blend mode to Overlay (in which neutral grey is invisible) and you’re done!step4

Lego-ify Your Video

Simply open your video in Photoshop, then turn that into a video smart object, and repeat the steps as with a still image!

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