Drawing Roads on Simple Maps in Illustrator

It’s one of those jobs that comes up from time-to-time in just about every freelancer’s career—drawing a simplified map of a site such as a campus or industrial area, or showing the location of a business/venue in a town/city. There are a number of techniques employed to do this kind of job, and this video shows the one that I use, as it makes drawing—and particularly editing—so much easier.

Drawing Roads on Simplified Maps in Illustrator

7 Responses to Drawing Roads on Simple Maps in Illustrator

  1. Magali says:

    I like that! Thank you so much.

  2. alan says:

    wow, amazing. in just a few minutes i have learnt such a lot. not just the road.

  3. Jon McCormick says:


    This quick tutorial improved my map on a current project! Cheers!

    • Tony Harmer says:

      Thanks, Jon! Drawing maps perhaps isn’t the most thrilling task, so it’s great if you can turn out a really good piece of work in less time. Don’t forget that I’m always listening out for pic suggestions in all of the desktop and mobile design apps, so feel free to make suggestions @tonyharmer on Twitter. 🙂

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