Tony Harmer headshot

Definitely not Tarzan

My name is Tony Harmer and I’m a Senior Solutions Consultant on the Digital Media team at Adobe UK.

This blog is primarily aimed at Designers, Illustrators, and Digital Artists of all disciplines using Adobe Design tools, and especially those who have recently joined the Creative Cloud. One of the things I find most frequently when doing shows or visiting studios and individual designers is that you:

  • are just too busy/don’t have time to search
  • don’t have any budget for training to get up to speed
  • don’t know where to start looking
  • don’t think your workflow would benefit from anything new
  • all of the above (or any permutation)

The upshot of this is that you don’t get to discover the great things we put into our products for quite some time, if at all! This means that you’re not realising the full value of your investment in Creative Cloud, and not developing your capabilities, to increase the value you’re offering to your clients and customers—and hopefully be more successful as a result.

Looking at it from a pair of fresh eyes, as I tried to do when formulating the plan for this blog, and thinking about all the people I’ve engaged with recently, it seems like a really dense jungle—and where do you start? How do you cut your way through it all and pick up what is relevant to you and has context in what you’re doing? Well, that’s where this blog comes in.

Now I’m definitely not Tarzan—Mrs. Harmer would definitely raise an eyebrow at the suggestion—but as someone with over thirty years of experience in the creative industry, over twenty-odd years with Adobe products, and a good dozen years as an Adobe Certified Instructor—I think that makes me a pretty good guide.

If you’re from a UK-based small studio, or you’re a UK-based freelancer and you’d like to know something about a particular design-product feature, then please reach out to me via my personal social accounts; twitter (@tonyharmer) or on my Facebook page (Facebook.com/tonyharmertraining). I don’t promise to answer every single thing that gets posted, but I will use your questions and suggestions when I’m planning content. Just one quick note, this isn’t a help resource—we have great community forums and support systems for that sort of thing—so no “urgent—need help with this project!!!!!!” kind of things, please—thanks in advance.

All jungle expeditions start on a Monday (except on UK public holidays) and no pith helmet required—that would be silly.