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October 5, 2005

About the author

I’m Adobe’s product manager for fonts and global typography. Some might wonder how I got here – this posting is for those few inquisitive souls.


I started in DTP in the mid-80s, so my early background is as an end user, and I try very hard to retain this perspective. I gradually became more and more interested in typography and fonts in particular. Finally, I bought a font editor, and I was immediately hooked. I was working a full-time day job, and spending another 20 hours a week designing fonts. Ultimately this led me to choose typography and printing over a career in journalism, psychology or the theater (my undergraduate degree was in psychology, I worked full-time in commercial theater for a couple of stints in the mid and late 80s, and I was news editor of the university newspaper in my last year of undergrad). It was in this early period that I wrote versions of my essay “A brief history of Type” (which I have an unfinished rewrite of sitting on my laptop).

So in 1995-96 I went to the school of printing at RIT, the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology, and got my MS in printing, specializing in design and typography….

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October 4, 2005

What's this blog about?

This blog will contain my musings on the technical, business, historical and design aspects of type/fonts and their technologies, including OpenType and SING.

I’m not making any promises about future topics, but here’s the list I made of things I’m thinking of covering in future posts. Feel free to comment on which of these topics you’d like to see, or other subjects you’d like to see covered.

  • why type matters
  • User Interface issues for fonts
  • Type conferences (ATypI, TypeCon, St Bride, etc.)
  • Type 1 phase-out & font conversion FAQ
  • Elements of font quality
  • OpenType contextual font features: enabling great script fonts and much weirdness
  • SING (& why we should care for western fonts)
  • OpenType goes open
  • Copy-protection and fonts
  • CoolType & ClearType font rendering (incl. Avalon CFF rasterizer)
  • CID fonts: what are they, why are they in my PDF, and why won’t they print?
  • Hypatia Sans, my first retail typeface design
  • OpenType Stylistic Sets: more freedom for type designers

As for why I’m writing about this stuff, I’m Adobe’s program manager for fonts and core technologies (there are a bunch of us on core tech, but I’m the only PM for fonts). For more about me, see my next post….

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