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September 25, 2008

Creative Suite 4 (CS4) fonts

For folks doing an upgrade, the CS4 font list looks a lot like CS3, except for a few fonts removed, and a new registration incentive: the complete Sanvito Pro family (there will be a new landing page for this family, but it’s not up yet). Sanvito Pro is a versatile informal script face with four weights and four optical size variants for each weight, for a total of 16 fonts.

Typefaces you might have seen in CS3 that aren’t in CS4: Arno Pro, Bickham Script Pro, Garamond Premier Pro. Further typefaces bundled with InDesign CS3 but not InDesign CS4: Bernhard Modern Std, Caflisch Script Pro.

There are more East Asian fonts, notably:
– Adobe Kaiti Std and Adobe Fangsong Std, additional simplified Chinese fonts
– With InDesign and suites including InDesign, the “Pr6N” versions of the Kozuka Gothic and Kozuka Mincho typefaces. These fonts have the Adobe-Japan1-6 character set, and are JIS-2004 savvy.

All in all, still a LOT of fonts, just a slightly smaller set.

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