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February 5, 2014

Passing on the FDK Workshops Torch

Miguel at Reading

Miguel during a workshop at Reading. Photo by Ben Mitchell

Since 2008, and almost uninterruptedly, I have been visiting two well-known type design schools every spring, to deliver a 3-to-4-day workshop on font production and the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType (AFDKO)*. Today, I would like to announce that my colleague Frank Grießhammer is taking over that responsibility starting this year.

Frank is a graduate of KABK’s Type and Media program, he has recently celebrated his third anniversary at Adobe, and was one of the attendees of the workshop back in 2010. He always likes to point out that his interest in regular expressions (a.k.a. GREP or regexp) was sparked by a tiny example I mentioned at the workshop. I would never have imagined that.

He is a very talented type designer and programmer, and I know he is well qualified to answer any technical and design questions that the students will have. I have full confidence that Frank will do well and that the FDK workshops will continue to prosper with him at the helm.
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December 9, 2013

Languages, logos, and letters: Frank Grießhammer and his road to type design

“Be Frank™” — photo by Tânia Raposo, motivational composition by Stephen Coles

“Be Frank™.” Photo by Tânia Raposo. Motivational composition by Stephen Coles.

“Many things just happened by coincidence in my life. In fact, practically everything.”
—Frank Grießhammer

Born in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1983, Frank Grießhammer is many things: a pianist and lover of jazz music with an affinity for languages; a photographer with a toolkit of obsolete film cameras; and a thoughtful curator of a singularly splendid adapter collection. His career might have gone in any of a dozen different directions, but an early obsession with logos and a series of happy coincidences led Frank to his home with the Adobe Type Team.

What was life like growing up in Germany?
My childhood was great. I grew up in Hof, a mid-sized town in the north of Bavaria. My parents brought their two boys up in a creative household, where a lot of tinkering and building stuff was going on. I was given the possibility of musical education, and the family just traveled a lot. This may seem like nothing, but it really shaped my path for the future, and my view on the world. Of course, this is something you don’t quite realize as a kid—only much later did I come to understand how important it was.

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December 4, 2013

A Typographical Curiosity: Frank Grießhammer joins the circus with the release of HWT Tuscan Extended

Tuscan Extended Ampersand

As part of Adobe’s ongoing mission to help support the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, several members of our team have been digitizing antique typefaces for the Hamilton Wood Type Foundry (a partnership between the Hamilton and P22 type foundry). My co-worker Frank Grießhammer threw his hat into the ring, so to speak, unleashing one of those strangely wonderful “circus types” onto the world. In celebration of its release today, I’m happy to share with you a little insight into the making of HWT Tuscan Extended. Although Frank has not yet been able to visit the Hamilton—a “wood type wonderland,” as he imagines it—he feels strongly about the importance of the museum, and its mission to preserve and promote such a rich part of typographic culture.

“Wood type is this genre of type that very much has its own rules, and I think that is great,” Frank said. “I imagine it like this big guy, just doing his own thing, not caring about what anybody else will say (please understand that this is supposed to be a compliment!).”

“Leafing through Rob Roy Kelly’s American Wood Type, I have yet to find one page which is not awesome,” Frank continued. “Often, I will laugh when seeing the specimen of a wood type alphabet—something that does not happen very often with digital fonts.”

In choosing which type to digitize for HWT, Frank decided to work on a less-than-typical design, focusing on the fun and challenging aspects of reviving a little-known antique face. “I wanted to digitize the craziest typeface Rich [Kegler of P22/HWT] had to offer; first, because I wanted to have a bit of fun while working, and also for the sake of drawing something I had not drawn before.”

A wild hybrid fluctuating between a Gothic Tuscan and an Antique Tuscan, HWT Tuscan Extended is an extremely wide face, abundantly decorated with spikes and crossbars. Although this Tuscan is not overly ornate, each letterform is a study in complexity—unique combinations of spikes and bars dress each character’s outrageous curves with cheeky exuberance. Continue reading…

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February 25, 2011

A New Character in the Type Team

Hi! My name is Frank Grießhammer, and starting February, I am part of the Adobe Type Team.
Wow! I never would have imagined writing this sentence one day, and to some extent, this fact still feels unbelievable for me. Definitely, I did not see that coming.

I was born in Nürnberg, Germany and grew up in Hof. During school, I discovered that I had a talent for languages, so I took the chance to learn a fair amount of English, French and Italian. I focused my graduation on French and the Arts, and decided to study communication design close to the French border – at HBKsaar in Saarbrücken. Continue reading…

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