Virtual planning for school trips

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May 29, 2012

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This morning, as I was about to leave the house my Year 2 son reminded me he was going on a school trip to learn more about Mary Seacombe and Florence Nightingale.  Sadly I had forgotten to put his packed lunch in a plastic carrier bag, but once that situation was remedied we were on our way.

As I was driving to the office I was reflecting on how schools manage the communication with parents about school trips, and was reminded of an excellent example of how one school engages with parents using Adobe Connect.

At Chalfonts Community College they use Adobe Connect to set up online meetings for parents to log into from wherever they are – be that at home or at work. The teacher leading that trip then runs through a presentation (sometimes with video) which covers everything parents need to know about the trip.  Parents can even ask any questions they have throughout the session via the chat facility available with the software.

For more information on how Chalfonts is using Adobe Connect to plan for school trips, check out this SecEd article which was published last year:

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