Today’s OFT Announcement Marks A Step In The Right Direction


October 22, 2013

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Mark A’Bear, Education Manager at Adobe UK responds to the news that the Office of Fair Trading plans to investigate students’ consumer rights and university competition.

“I welcome today’s news that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) plans to investigate the value for money that students are getting in light of the radical changes that are taking place within the Higher Education sector.

The hike in tuition fees was inevitably going to mean that the student experience would change. It has never been more important for graduates to have real world skills – real world skills that employers are increasingly expecting their new recruits to have. But students need the support of their Universities to provide access to the tools and facilities that will help them develop these skills in the first place.

Naturally, students are questioning the value for money they get from their University and feel entitled to a better quality degree for the extra money they are paying. Our own Digital Campus research earlier this year – which surveyed the 2012/13 intake of undergraduates, the first to pay the higher fees – revealed that universities still have a way to go in achieving this.

55% of the students we spoke to admit their university is not living up to their expectations, specifically pinpointing the lack of suitable facilities such as libraries, and technology provision as the main areas needing improvement. As many as half only have access to basic tools such as internet, email and basic programmes, falling short of the 82% who expect their university to go above and beyond a basic technology provision before they started their course.

University Vice Chancellors must step up to the challenge, and quickly, to meet the demands of the next generation of student. Needless to say, those able to adapt their strategies will be far more appealing to students looking for reassurances that they’ll have more than just debt to show for their University careers.”

Mark A’Bear, Education Manager at Adobe UK

Digital Campus 2013 Report: Universities falling short of student expectations

The @AdobeUK Team

May 16, 2013

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Hot off the press! We’ve just released our Digital Campus 2013 report, which reveals that universities still have a way to go in making students feel they are getting value for money following the tuition fees rise.

Specifically, students from this year’s intake are pinpointing the provision of suitable libraries and technology as the main areas needing improvement, with two-thirds (63%) saying they expected to have access to more support facilities and services than they are actually getting.

Despite the fact that 96% of students said the number one reason they chose to go to university was to increase their chances of getting a job when they graduate, only a third (33%) think their university will help them do this now.

As a result, we are calling on Vice Chancellors to review their ICT strategies to help live up to their student’s digital demands.  Click on the infographic below to view all the key findings in detail:

For more information on how Adobe can help institutions live up to student demands visit

Adobe Education Digital Campus Infographic blog











































Adobe announces Eduserv Adobe ELA Framework agreement

The @AdobeUK Team

September 06, 2012

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Students are now paying up to £9,000 a year in tuition fees. As such, Universities should anticipate their new intake of undergraduates to have much higher expectations about what they’re getting from their studies. With more and more employers expecting their staff to be well versed in digital, there will naturally be increased demand from students for access to industry-standard technology that will help them get a job once they graduate.

To support institutions in meeting this demand, we’ve launched a new three year license agreement, the Eduserv Adobe ELA Framework Agreement. It means that both Further Education and Higher Education institutions will be able to provide access to Adobe’s latest Creative Suite software across the whole campus for the first time. Plus staff get it too!

We’re working with loads of leading institutions to help them deliver a strong digital offering. Here’s what a few have to say about the Eduserv Adobe ELA Framework Agreement:

 Kirk Laws-Chapman, Resources Manager, Norwich University College of the Arts:

“The new Eduserv Adobe ELA Framework Agreement has provided Norwich University College of the Arts with an affordable way to give our students access to latest industry standard software across the campus. Meeting expectations against a background of rising tuition fees is a challenge, and this is a great way for us to add value to the student experience here.

Phil Purves – Senior Lecturer, Bath Spa University:

“I’m confident that a lot of current and future students will benefit the new Eduserv Adobe ELA Framework Agreement. In addition to saving the University money, it is giving us software consistency everywhere with the latest CS6 suite available on whatever machine is capable of running it. All our creative areas have been keen to support this new agreement. It’s going to make a huge difference.”

Steve Harvey, Arts University College at Bournemouth:

“The Arts University College at Bournemouth (AUCB) feels extremely privileged to be signed up to the Eduserv Adobe ELA Framework Agreement. It enables us to offer more access to industry standard software at a good price, but also helps with the strategic development of software maintenance to align Education and Business application deployment.”

 For more information on how to sign up to the agreement, check To be included in the next entry point in November 2012, institutions must complete all paperwork by 24th October.

Getting creative for the Olympics

The @AdobeUK Team

July 25, 2012

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After seven years in the planning, London 2012 is almost upon us. With the final preparations underway, I got thinking about a recent chat I had with Matt Snelson, Assistant Head at The County High School, Leftwich in Cheshire.

The school recently held its annual Media Arts Day, which this year was themed around The Olympics. The day saw students from Years 7 up to 11 all taking part in workshops spanning the entire curriculum. These included taking part in alternative sports in Physical Education, an Olympics Enterprise workshop in Maths lessons, Drama classes running Street and Chinese dance,  Olympic Song Writing in Music, and a whole host of creative workshops including clay-based animation and website creation to name but a few!

Several of the workshops involved pupils engaging with tools such as Adobe Creative Suite. For instance, Fireworks was used to create animations and Photoshop to make Olympics themed banners. Students also used Premiere Pro and After Effects to help put together a video wrap-up of the day, and Soundbooth to create a radio show for the school’s radio station LOL (Leftwich out Loud) FM. What a great way to get students experimenting with creative tools!











Have you done anything special to celebrate London 2012 with your school? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

Virtual planning for school trips

The @AdobeUK Team

May 29, 2012

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This morning, as I was about to leave the house my Year 2 son reminded me he was going on a school trip to learn more about Mary Seacombe and Florence Nightingale.  Sadly I had forgotten to put his packed lunch in a plastic carrier bag, but once that situation was remedied we were on our way.

As I was driving to the office I was reflecting on how schools manage the communication with parents about school trips, and was reminded of an excellent example of how one school engages with parents using Adobe Connect.

At Chalfonts Community College they use Adobe Connect to set up online meetings for parents to log into from wherever they are – be that at home or at work. The teacher leading that trip then runs through a presentation (sometimes with video) which covers everything parents need to know about the trip.  Parents can even ask any questions they have throughout the session via the chat facility available with the software.

For more information on how Chalfonts is using Adobe Connect to plan for school trips, check out this SecEd article which was published last year:

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