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Getting Started Making eBooks with InDesign

Rufus Deuchler helps you leverage your existing InDesign knowledge to quickly gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding world of eBooks. First you’ll learn how to set up an InDesign document that can be smoothly and accurately exported to the EPUB format used by the Kindle and other eBook readers. Then you’ll get simple, nuts-and-bolts advice on working with images, hyperlinks, metadata, and more, as well as tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to create and publish your first eBook!

A few sample episodes are available at the following hyperlinks.

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Creating eBooks with InDesign

In Creating eBooks with Adobe InDesign CS4 & CS5 :An In-Depth Guide to Mastering eBook Production, Gabriel Powell explains all you need to know about creating eBooks from InDesign.

Expert trainer Gabriel Powell takes you through every step in the process of creating an eBook, from setting up the InDesign document to exporting an EPUB file that can be read on a computer, smartphone, Apple iPad, or Sony Reader. You’ll also learn how to edit an eBook, customize its navigation, and create scalable images, as well as how to validate an EPUB file to ensure that it’s error-free and fully compliant with the EPUB specification.

Following are a few videos that have been extracted from the book.

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What’s inside an EPUB file

In this video, Gabriel Powell tell you what’s inside an EPUB file. If you peek inside an EPUB file, what components can you expect to find, and how they are organized!

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This video is an extract from the Creating eBooks with Adobe InDesign CS4 & CS5 :An In-Depth Guide to Mastering eBook Production.

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Advertising engagement in digital magazines

On the Adobe Digital Publishing blog, Dave Dickson, Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Digital Publishing wrote about a report that describes how readers engage with interactive ads in digital magazines. If you’re undecided about your digital publishing endeavor, this report will surely help.

Titled “Digital Ad Engagement: Perceived Interactivity as a Driver of Advertising Effectiveness,” (PDF – 260KB) and conducted by Alex Wang, Ph.D. (Univ. of Connecticut) the study exposed participants ages 18 to 32 to print or iPad versions of advertisements featured in a past issue of a digital magazine. It then surveyed them to measure perceived interactivity, perceived engagement, message involvement, attitude towards the ads, and purchase intent, and compared the results.  Overall, the research discovered that readers are more likely to engage with interactive than static ads, as well as have a more favorable attitude to the ad and greater purchase intent. See a summary of the results below; participants responded using a scale from 1-9 and considered both all ads in the magazine, as well as a specific ad presented to them.

Read the entire report here.

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InDesign CS5 Toolbox Overview

In InDesign if you use the right tool, half the job is done. But you use so many softwares everyday, that sometimes you just can see the tool right there in front of you.

I’ve posted below an image that you can print and put up on your workstation, so that you’ll never spend extra time looking for that all important tool, that you know is somewhere, but just can’t find it.

InDesign Tools Overview

Tools overview (image courtesy, QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5 Conversion Guide, Pg.11)

You can always look up the help topic for more information.