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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

SVG animations, CSS Animations, CSS Transitions

Recently there was a discussion in the SVG working group how SVG Animations (based on SMIL Animations), CSS3 Animations and CSS3 Transitions contribute to the animation sandwich model for SVG presentation attributes. SVG presentation attributes First, what are SVG presentation attributes? In SVG, a subset of all CSS properties can be set by SVG attributes.... Continue reading →

CSS transform-origin coming to SVG

Much effort is being invested in improving the integration of CSS and SVG.  Recently Dirk Schulze and Hans Muller added SVG support for the CSS transform-origin property to WebKit. Hans has written an article about transform-origin in general and about the new SVG support here. If your web pages and applications incorporate non-trivial graphics or... Continue reading →

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CSS Regions: One Year In

Almost a year ago, Adobe began an effort to allow high quality, magazine style content to be displayed on the Web using the Open Web Platform (HTML5, CSS). Many of the necessary features were present in CSS, but not all necessary features were there. Adobe proposed CSS Regions as a draft specification of some advanced CSS layout... Continue reading →