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The Graphical Web Call For Paper is opened!

The Web platform is evolving and more and more graphical features enhance the end user’s experience. For example, CSS, Canvas (with its 2D and 3D contexts), SVG, HTML5 all contribute to a richer, more fluid user experience.

The Graphical Web 2012 conference is an opportunity to learn about these features, understand their level of maturity, see demos and meet the people who participate to the definition of these new technologies. Many experts will attend or present, such as Chris Lilley and Doug Schepers form W3C. Adobe is a proud sponsor of the event (along others such as Google and Microsoft) and several of us will attend or present. The conference will be in Zürich, Switzerland, September 11-14 2012.

The conference used to be called SVG Open and this year is the 10th anniversary of the original edition, which also happened in Zurich. The expanded focus is on all Web graphics technologies, including SVG but not limited to it, which makes the event a great opportunity to discuss and understand how to combine the various technologies. For example, the attendees should be getting answers to questions such as: how can we mix SVG inline an HTML document? How can we combine Canvas and SVG? How can we use Web audio in graphical Web compositions? Can I use CSS transitions with SVG? What is the state of animated graphics? How are geometric transforms used in HTML, SVG and Canvas? What tools help me create, animate and transform graphics easier? The conference will have presentations and tutorials to answer such questions and more.

The call for paper is opened and the deadline for presentation abstract and course outlines is May 7th. We encourage you all to submit papers and we have as well. We are looking forward to this event that will present the current status and the future vision for the graphical Web!

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