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Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Pagination Templates in CSS

One of the ways that we expect CSS Regions to be used is in on-screen paginated presentations. Web pages are usually presented in a ‘continuous’ fashion navigated with a scrollbar. A ‘paginated’ presentation separates the content into pages navigated with arrow keys, buttons or a swipe gesture. One way to achieve a paginated presentation is... Continue reading →

Report from the Web trenches: notes from the May 2012 CSS and SVG W3C Working Group Hamburg Meetings

Several of us from Adobe’s Web Platform and authoring team attended the Hamburg W3C meetings the week of May 7th. Rik Cabanier, Alan Stearns, Dirk Schulze, Steve Zilles, Arno Gourdol and myself were representing Adobe. There were three meetings: SVG Working Group meeting on Monday and Tuesday (May 7-8) FX Task Force meeting on Wednesday... Continue reading →