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Join us to Test the Web Forward

We are thrilled to announce a test-focused hackathon that Adobe is organizing along with support from the W3C and community partners called Test the Web Forward. This hackathon builds off the Move the Web Forward initiative in order to help get YOU more involved in contributing to the web platform we all work to define.

During this hackathon, attendees will be learning about certain CSS and SVG features that need more tests in order to progress through the standards pipeline. They will be armed with the right information in order to create more tests and file bugs against browsers (if needed). We will be joined by Adobe Web Platform members as well as community members who will conduct hands-on sessions about each CSS or SVG feature and teach about the inner-workings of the CSS and SVG automated test frameworks, including how to contribute tests. (We will be recording these sessions for playback online if you can’t make the event in-person).

Experts for each feature will be on-hand throughout the event to make hacking as easy as possible. All we require is that you are able to hand-code JS, HTML and CSS and have a passion for improving the web. And of course there will be prizes, demos, food, tasty beer and good fun so we really hope you can make it!

You can learn more about the agenda, speakers, testing features and more at our website Test the Web Forward and also by following us on twitter @testthewebfwd.

Registration will open on June 1st and space is limited, so bookmark the dates (June 15th and 16th at the Adobe San Francisco office) and we hope to see you there!

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