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Monthly Archives: June, 2012

CSS Exclusions and Shape Intersection

CSS Exclusions promises to open up a new class of magazine-style layouts for the web. As you might imagine, the feature also brings with it a bunch of compelling engineering challenges. One example is efficiently computing the intersection of the horizontal boxes that represent inline content with the inside or outside of polygonal exclusion shapes.... Continue reading →

Check out Crowdsource Testing with QUnit and Browserscope

Web applications need to be tested on multiple browsers and versions to make sure users get a consistent experience. There are multiple ways to do this, some more manual than others.  Recently Razvan Caliman wrote a post about how to crowdsource your testing with QUnit and and, an opensource testing platform. If you create JavaScript... Continue reading →

W3C’s testharness comes to WebKit

With the help of WebKit contributors, we recently landed a patch that made the W3C JavaScript test harness available for use by WebKit test authors – providing a new set of opportunities for reuse and portability between the W3C and WebKit test repositories. In the old world, before the landing of this patch, both the... Continue reading →