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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Web Platform Roundup

As you can probably tell from the constant posts, we over at the Web Platform team like to talk about our work. After all, we think the contributions we’re making to the web are pretty cool. But we only know we’re making a difference when the community at large starts talking. The following is a... Continue reading →

Finding the First Layout Location Within a Polygonal CSS Exclusion Shape

Hans Muller has been investigating how to layout inline text within or around a CSS Exclusion Shape. Previously, he wrote about an algorithm that would help detecting the text rectangle that would intersect a CSS Exclusion shape outside or within. Recently he’s been working to solve a related problem, finding the initial location to begin laying... Continue reading →

Adobe WebUp #6

On June 28th we hosted the 6th event of Adobe WebUp series. Before getting into details about what happened on 28th, let me step back and quickly explain what Adobe WebUp is. At the beginning of year I sat down with the Adobe WebKit Team (the Romanian wing) and we decided to put together these... Continue reading →

CSS Exclusions and Shape Intersection, Revisited

A couple weeks ago, we mentioned shape intersection as one of the interesting engineering problems presented by CSS Exclusions. Hans Muller wrote a blog post outlining an algorithm to compute intersections between horizontal content and arbitrary polygons. Recently, he’s been working on an algorithm calculating intersections with curved exclusion shapes: rounded rectangles, ellipses and circles.... Continue reading →

Image Progress Event Progress

In early January 2012, the Web Platform team began investigating adding progress events to images. The goal was to enable developers to more accurately track the load progress of their image resources, using progress events similar to those available with XMLHttpRequest. The feature would enable both HTML and JavaScript markup. A common approach today is... Continue reading →