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Adobe at Google I/O

I go to a lot of conferences throughout the year, but Google I/O is probably my favorite. I find it hugely inspirational to spend three full days with thousands of very smart and very passionate people, all of whom are focused on advancing the web, mobile devices, and technology in general.

Given what a great conference I consider Google I/O to be, I was honored that Vincent Hardy and I were given the opportunity to present along with Alex Danilo from Google. Our session was entitled “New Web Tools and Advanced CSS/HTML5 Features from Adobe & Google.” The presentation was recorded, so if you missed it, you can either watch it below, or check it out over on the session page.

We had an hour to speak which sounds like a long time, but we actually had to cut a fair amount of content in order to stay within our allotted time. The major topics we covered were:

To summarize Adobe’s focus around helping to move the web forward:

  • The web is already an extremely capable platform, but there’s a lot of room for improvement around tooling and workflows. Projects like Brackets, Adobe Shadow, and a few more we haven’t announced yet will help open up the capabilities of modern browsers to more developers and designers, and ultimately to end users and customers.
  • We believe another way to help unlock the web is to make more of its capabilities accessible declaratively. The easier and more accessible expressiveness is, the more expressive the web will become.
  • People who create software are frequently divided into two distinct categories: designers and developers. There have always been those who are comfortable existing in the space in-between which is often where we see some of the most amazing work. Adobe is bringing these two worlds closer together so that the point at which they intersect is bigger and more encompassing.


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