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Adobe WebUp #6

On June 28th we hosted the 6th event of Adobe WebUp series. Before getting into details about what happened on 28th, let me step back and quickly explain what Adobe WebUp is.

At the beginning of year I sat down with the Adobe WebKit Team (the Romanian wing) and we decided to put together these events. The Romania wing of Adobe WebKit team created the initial prototypes of CSS Regions, CSS Exclusions & Regions, and CSS Shaders. Between in-house knowledge and interest for web and the lack of web conferences in Bucharest, the decision to go with these events was a no-brainer. Six months down the road we have hosted six events with many speakers from the community joining the Adobe speakers (17 speakers and 20 sessions!)

Adobe WebUp #6 was quite special for a number of reasons. First, we had the youngest speaker ever. Andrei Oprea is 19 years old and a student who spoke about getUserMedia, File, and IndexDB APIs.

Second, our WebKit engineers talked about the latest in CSS Regions and CSS Shaders. Mihnea opened up the event with his session, Using CSS Regions to Create Magazine-like Layouts for Any Screen. He explained what is the current status of this proposal and how you can use it to create high quality design layouts. Next, Raul tackled CSS Shaders and how it works with CSS Filters and ultimately enables designers and developers to apply effects on any DOM element.

Raul Hudea presenting on CSS Shaders

And lastly, we hosted our first hackathon: four teams built a Tic-Tac-Toe game in less than 2 hours using nodejs. We plan to have a much longer hackathon on Brackets this month.

PS. If you are in Bucharest this month, then you should join us for the seventh edition of  Web Up!

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