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Note: CSS Shapes syntax has changed. For the latest information, see CSS Shapes Module Level 1.
Note: Custom Filters is no longer supported in Chrome or WebKit Nightlies.

As you can probably tell from the constant posts, we over at the Web Platform team like to talk about our work. After all, we think the contributions we’re making to the web are pretty cool. But we only know we’re making a difference when the community at large starts talking. The following is a compilation of what folks have been saying in the form of tutorials, demos, experiments, introductions, and general commentary.

Introductions and Tutorials

Diving Into CSS Regions

Umar Hansa goes over CSS Region basics over at Nettuts+.

The Edge of HTML5

Paul Irish demos regions in his SXSW lightning talk.

Sedovsek on CSS Regions

Robert Sedovšek blogs about regions and his first impressions.

Smith on CSS Regions

Andi Smith posts an introduction to regions along with some demos. He also includes Regions and Exclusions in his talk Layouts of the Future.

Cool Stuff

Writing a Flippable Book Using CSS Regions and 3D Transforms

Ilmari Heikkinen creates the effect of flipping through book pages using CSS Regions and Transforms.

Experiments with CSS Regions

Niklas von Hertzen creates some interesting new effects using CSS Regions.

Content Folding with CSS Regions

Chris Coyier uses regions to demonstrate how to interleave a series of articles and ads.

CSS Regions in Compass

Compass adds a set of mix-ins for CSS Regions.

Honorable Mentions

While not focused completely on our feature work, we received a couple shout outs that we thought were pretty cool. Blend modes made Net Magazine’s top picks for May 2012 hot web standards, and received some international attention over at Heise Online and Total Photoshop Magazine. Regions and Exclusions were featured as part of Ars Technica’s March HTML5 roundup, and Alex Komoroske introduced Exclusions as part of Meet the Web Platform. Finally, Photonstorm mentioned CSS Shaders in their article on HTML5 game development.

That concludes our roundup. If you’ve spotted some other interesting material out there, let us know!

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