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Monthly Archives: November, 2012

It’s Blue Beanie Day!

Today is Blue Beanie Day and the community is celebrating web standards. We thought we would mark this day by reflecting on some of the work we have done over the last one year and talk about what we would like to do next! Over two years ago, our team proposed two features that we thought were... Continue reading →

More TPAC 2012

As Dirk mentioned earlier, we had quite a few people from the Web Platform team at Adobe attend TPAC this year. Here’s my summary of what happened for the Regions and Exclusions specifications at the CSS Working Group meeting. Exclusions Rossen Atanassov from Microsoft led this discussion. The working group resolved to close several old... Continue reading →

Exclusions & internal co-ordinate system

Hans has been working on implementing Exclusions for WebKit and has been writing a series of blog posts that outline the rationale for the choices he made while implementing the features. This week he discusses the rationale for why Exclusion Shapes have their own internal co-ordinate system. WeKit has two kinds of co-ordinate systems –... Continue reading →

TPAC 2012

Rik Cabanier, Vincent Hardy, Rebecca Hauck, Divya Manian, Larry Mclister, Israel Noto Garcia, Alan Stearns and I of the Web Platform team at Adobe attended the TPAC meeting in Lyon this year. TPAC (W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week) is a meeting of people involved or interested in web standards and the standardization... Continue reading →

Capitalization change for regionlayoutupdate

If you have been experimenting with CSS Regions in Chrome Canary or some other browser built from WebKit trunk, there has been a minor change you may need to account for. If you have code that used the regionLayoutUpdate event, note that the capitalization of this event has changed to regionlayoutupdate to match other DOM... Continue reading →

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On 3rd November, we held the first ever Web Platform DocSprint at Adobe in San Francisco. It was a joint effort by Adobe, the San Francisco HTML5 User Group, and Google. We had a great and very productive day resulting in 34 brand new contributors to the effort. We made over 800 changes to the... Continue reading →

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Test The Web Forward Paris!

On October 26-27, the third successful Test The Web Forward event was held in Paris, France. Over 100 local web developers joined 35 W3C experts for a fantastic weekend of  learning, hacking, and writing tests. The momentum is now undeniable and the enthusiasm from the attendees and experts at this event was palpable. Friday Evening... Continue reading →

CSS FilterLab + Grunt.js = Love

A couple of weeks ago we released a new tool called CSS FilterLab. Web designers can quickly learn the syntax of the new CSS Filters specification by using the tool’s drag-and-drop interface. Moreover, the built-in filters showcased in the tool are already supported in stable browsers such as Safari 6 and Chrome, meaning that developers... Continue reading →