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TPAC 2012

Rik Cabanier, Vincent Hardy, Rebecca Hauck, Divya Manian, Larry Mclister, Israel Noto Garcia, Alan Stearns and I of the Web Platform team at Adobe attended the TPAC meeting in Lyon this year.

TPAC (W3C Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee Meetings Week) is a meeting of people involved or interested in web standards and the standardization process of the W3C. Many W3C working groups (WG) like the HTML WG, CSS WG and Web Applications WG had meetings from Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday. Observers are mostly allowed, which demonstrates the transparency of a working group. Wednesday was a joint meeting, where everyone could propose a topic for general discussion. People chose the topic they were interested most and formed discussion groups. This was a great opportunity for web developers to point members of various to the problems they are focused with. On the other hand, WG members explained certain decisions they did. In the following, I want to summarize two of these discussions.

Test The Web Forward

Right before TPAC, Adobe together with others organized a Test The Web Forward event in Paris. A lot of experts and attendees wrote tests that help browser vendors to improve their implementations. With the great feedback of this event in mind, Alan, Rebecca and Israel presented our mission during TPAC. The audience was excited, participated in the discussion and gave a lot of input and suggestions for future events. Test The Web Forward was well received in a lot of other discussions during TPAC as well. All that encourages the testing community and us to continue our mission to move the web forward by testing the web.

Responsive Images

The largest W3C community group Responsive Images Community Group (RESPIMG) gave a great presentation about responsive images. The needs and requirements touch areas like display resolution, bandwidth, high-quality printing but also display types (e.g. monochrome displays). The presentation summarized the two proposed solutions ‘srcset’ attribute and <picture> element. The community group prefers the <picture> element, and the W3C members seem to support the ‘srcset’ attribute more. Still, both solutions could each be part of the puzzle.

Overall Summary

Speaking for someone who attended TPAC for the first time, it was an amazing experience. I met a lot of people, heard a lot of interesting presentations and discussions. It was an amazing experience to meet and talk to the people behind the specifications. Everyone was really passionate about making the web better.

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