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Making the web awesome

Join us in making the web better!

Our team is working on expanding the edges of the web to provide features that web technology creators need. But we need help! Join us as we provide these new features so that web creators can take advantage of them to create beautiful content for the web.

(And that is Max Vujovic from our team talking about working at Adobe!)

We are currently looking for the following to join our team:

Sr. Computer Scientist – WebKit Engineers

We need two engineers (one in SF, USA & one in Bucharest, Romania) to contribute to WebKit, including prototyping and implementing the features we would like to see on the web like Custom Filters, Blend Modes, Regions, & Exclusions. As you can tell, most of these features are pretty challenging to implement and we would love your help!

Sr. Computer Scientist – Web Platform Technical Leader

We need someone to work with standards & web developer communities who can work with the team to figure out what problems are not yet solved and what opportunities exist to provide tools, standards, or other features (open-source or others) to help creators use web standards effectively.

Sr. Computer Scientist – Web Innovation

We want someone to help identify opportunities within Adobe tools and web standards, create quick prototypes, and identify opportunities for newer products or collaboration between existing ones.

Sr. Front-end Web Tools Developer

We want someone to create the next-generation tool that would help people create applications for desktop, mobile devices and the web with open web technologies.

All these positions are in SF – with the exception of Sr. Computer Scientist – WebKit Development, for which we have positions in both SF & Bucharest.

If you would like to work with us, please send your resume to with the name of the position in the subject line. If you have any questions, just ask us on Twitter.

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