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Video about CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions at Kings of Code

Note: CSS Shapes syntax has changed. For the latest information, see CSS Shapes Module Level 1.

In December of 2012 I got a chance to speak at the Kings of Code conference in Amsterdam about digital publishing on the web.

My talk touched a bit on the current state of digital publishing for devices and how it got to this point. The bulk of the talk covered the pros and cons of using HTML and CSS for publishing, and the work we’re doing at Adobe on CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions to help you build responsive digital publications with advanced layout like you would expect to see in traditional print magazines.

In the last part of the presentation I showed an experiment using Web Components and CSS Regions to create a custom element in HTML with built-in layout for content.

You can grab a watered-down PDF version of the slides or clone the repository with the source from GitHub. There are links to demos and resources at the end of the slides if you want to dive into the code and experiment with the features.

Or, you can jump straight to the CSS Regions demos and CSS Exclusions demos. You may need the latest version of WebKit or Google Chrome Canary with some settings turned on. The details for this are on the pages with the demos.

Have fun!

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