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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Codepen Pattern Rodeo on CSS Regions

Last week a new Pattern Rodeo contest was posted on the CodePen blog. Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks challenged folks to use CSS Regions in their designs. These pens could work with the experimental regions implementations in Chrome Canary or IE10, or use the Regions polyfill in other browsers. Twenty-three people entered the contest. The... Continue reading →

Shape-padding is on its way for CSS Exclusions

Hans Muller has been working hard on the implementation of the shape-inside feature in CSS Exclusions and Shapes, most recently focusing on adding shape-padding functionality for rounded rectangle shapes (ellipses, circles, rectangles). Shape-padding provides a user the ability to specify how much space exists between their content and the shape-inside. For more detail on how shape-padding... Continue reading →

Building the Web of Tomorrow at Developer Week

This past week, I had the opportunity to speak at Developer Week in San Francisco. The talk I gave used some of the work we are currently doing on CSS Regions and Exclusions as an example of how web standards are built, from initial idea, to feature specification, to browser implementation. There is a recording... Continue reading →

Doc Sprints off to awesome European start

The first-ever public event to push forward was at Adobe San Francisco in November. Then Google hosted the second event mid-December in Mountain View. I couldn’t resist hosting the first-ever European event of this kind. February 8th and 9th, we invited the European developer community to write quite a bit of history together. It worked well, produced awesome output,... Continue reading →

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Building a Screensaver in HTML

To get some experience working with and optimizing CSS 3D transformations, we decided to build an HTML screensaver demo (GitHub repo). Here’s how it works: Open the demo in any modern browser with proper 3D CSS transformation support (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox). Choose your favorite image sharing services (Flickr, 500px, Instagram, or Dribbble). Watch the... Continue reading →

CSS Regions Polyfill

Have you been experimenting with CSS Regions and thought “if this could only be available in today’s browsers…”? If so, check out Mihai Corlan’s blog post about CSS Regions Polyfill. While still in its early days, the polyfill already supports some basic CSS Regions functionality and looks promising. Here’s a screenshot of the example from CSS... Continue reading →

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Implementing canvas paths

Last week we posted an article about revised canvas paths. Dirk Schulze started implementing the first part of this proposal. So far, he implemented most of the ‘Path’ object which is also described in the W3C canvas spec. He also added some handy accessor methods that we will try to add to the spec. Check it out... Continue reading →

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A look into Custom Filters reference implementation

Over the past two years, my team in Adobe has been actively working on the CSS Custom Filters specification (formerly CSS Shaders), which is just one part of the greater CSS Filters specification. Alongside the spec work, we have been working on the CSS Custom Filters WebKit implementation, so I’ve decided to write this blog... Continue reading →

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