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Doc Sprints off to awesome European start

Web Platform Doc Sprint Berlin

The first-ever public event to push forward was at Adobe San Francisco in November. Then Google hosted the second event mid-December in Mountain View. I couldn’t resist hosting the first-ever European event of this kind.

February 8th and 9th, we invited the European developer community to write quite a bit of history together. It worked well, produced awesome output, and built a lot of awareness for It has been a ton of fun and learning for everybody involved.

Thanks to the detailed instructions and guidance of the Web Platform stewards and experienced individual contributors on location, attendants were up and editing in a short time. 15% of the participants traveled from outside Germany (including Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Montenegro, and the UK), another 42% traveled from German cities outside Berlin.

53 highly motivated and skilled attendants joined us – quite cool for a “pay to come and work” gig on a weekend. The Doc Sprint returned approximately 1,300 edits, and clocked in at approximate 57,000 new words added to the Wiki. Maybe most importantly, the Web Platform stewards collected a lot of feedback and ideas from all attendants on how to further improve the Wiki in the future.

Thanks to all who participated. We salute you!

Here are some selected pictures of the Berlin Doc Sprint:

The full event is archived at Eventifier. You can also find way more images via the archived coverage at Lanyrd. There is also a much more detailed report on the W3s mailing list archive. Attendant Paul Verbeek wrote up a nice blog post from the Netherlands. And the renowned German podcast (revision 107) also reviewed the event.

We offered special support and incentives to those who expressed an interest in running a Doc Sprint. There’s a full support team, collateral, and technical commitment to future Doc Sprints. So, if you’re interested in running your own Doc Sprint, email us at the public list.

Or just come by the next Doc Sprint, February 23rd at Adobe San Francisco, and check one out in person!

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