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Building the Web of Tomorrow at Developer Week

Note: CSS Shapes syntax has changed. For the latest information, see CSS Shapes Module Level 1.

This past week, I had the opportunity to speak at Developer Week in San Francisco. The talk I gave used some of the work we are currently doing on CSS Regions and Exclusions as an example of how web standards are built, from initial idea, to feature specification, to browser implementation. There is a recording of a similar talk I gave at last year’s HTML5 DevConf.

The talk provides some history behind Regions and Exclusions, two features which had struggled to make the jump from print media to the web. Adobe helped propose these features as new standards, and is currently working to implement them in WebKit. If you are curious about the work involved in creating a web standard, this talk is for you.

The slides are posted online, and also available for download if you would like to view them locally. To run the demos, you will need a browser with support for Regions and Exclusions.

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