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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Welcoming Sylvain, Alexis & Julee to our team!

Recently we have had 3 new additions to our team! Please welcome Sylvain, Alexis & Julee to our team! Sylvain Galineau Sylvain is not just new to our team but also to Adobe! Sylvain previously worked at Microsoft, & is a connoisseur of fine wine & food. He is French after all. Alexis Deveria Alexis has... Continue reading →

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Penetrating Polygons Explained

Hans Muller has another great blog post focusing on his work implementing the shape-inside feature from the CSS Shapes Level 2 specification. In this installment, Hans explains how he calculates the shape-inside that corresponds to a polygon penetrating an HTML element’s content box. Read all about how the algorithm works and play with Hans’s interactive... Continue reading →

Building a Better Web Through Crowd Sourcing

In case you hadn’t heard, the SFHTML5 Meetup group will be hosting a meetup on April 25th 2013 focused on making the Web better via crowd sourcing testing. Rebecca Hauck will talk to us about Test the Web Forward a community-based grass roots movement with the goal of improving the quality of the Web by fostering... Continue reading →

Freeing the Floats of the Future From the Tyranny of the Rectangle

With modern web layout you can have your content laid out in whatever shape you want as long as it’s a rectangle. Designers in other media have long been able to have text and other content lay out inside and around arbitrarily complex shapes. The CSS Exclusions, CSS Shapes Level 1, and CSS Shapes Level... Continue reading →

Test the Web Forward Seattle!

Come Join Us! Test the Web Forward is throwing an event in Seattle on April 12–13. The focus of this event is on learning, hacking, and writing tests for W3C specifications. During the event, experts will teach you about W3C specs & W3C testing and will guide you as you help make the Web a... Continue reading →

Regions feature support matrix revisited – keeping it clean

Welcome to the Real World™ A while ago, I wrote a blog post on how we used Browserscope to create a feature support matrix for tracking the level of support for CSS Regions in different browsers. The initial plan was to have both the feature detection tests and the submission mechanism available to the public... Continue reading →

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W3Conf 2013: A Summary

The Adobe Web Platform team helped in organizing the W3Conf at the beautiful Regency Center in San Francisco on 21-22nd Feb 2013. Here are some notes from my perch behind the curtains (I was introducing the speakers!). By all standards, the conference was a great success. Here are some metrics: We had about 20,000 viewers... Continue reading →

“The Making of CSSFilterLab” at W3Conf 2013

I had the honor to speak at the W3Conf 2013 last week. My talk was about a fork of CSS FilterLab that I’ve been working on recently. The project is written entirely in JavaScript, CSS and HTML and targets mobile devices with touch based interfaces. In order to work with all the touch API, I... Continue reading →

“Do Androids Read Electric Books?” at W3Conf 2013

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at W3Conf in San Francisco this year. My talk was about reading experiences on the web, ways we can improve them and where we see this going in the future. In the talk I show off how we can use Regions for visually stunning magazine layout... Continue reading →

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“The top web features from you can use today”

At the 2013 W3Conf I gave a talk about the browser compatibility site The talk consisted of two parts, starting with an explanation of how started, how it’s useful to developers, and what’s to come on the site. The next and larger part discusses top web features now supported by enough browsers that... Continue reading →

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