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Here at Adobe we’ve started collecting links being shot around in the office and compiled a list of some of the interesting ones. There’s a lot of exciting news happening around the open web platform recently so be sure to check out these weekly link digests:

  • Haxe 3.0 RC – now available with improved JS and C++ transpiling and better macros
  • Early benchmarks with ASM.JS
  • FAMO.US – This product highly improves animation performance on mobile devices by computing matrix transforms natively and mapping the results back into post-calculated CSS matrix transforms. This allows super-fast DOM elements without needing the html5 canvas
  • Bug Report – Webkit core has been identified with having very poor performance with passing data to and from worker threads
  • Ejecta – A fast, open Source JavaScript, canvas & audio implementation for iOS
  • BECK360 An amazing demo that pushes the limits: audio and video recorded in 360 degrees and playback with real-time webcam head tracking for the experience

Are we missing any noteworthy links from this week? Feel free to post them in the comments!

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