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“The Making of CSSFilterLab” at W3Conf 2013

Note: Custom Filters is no longer supported in Chrome or WebKit Nightlies.

Link to the CSS FilterLab Presentation - W3Conf 2013

I had the honor to speak at the W3Conf 2013 last week. My talk was about a fork of CSS FilterLab that I’ve been working on recently. The project is written entirely in JavaScript, CSS and HTML and targets mobile devices with touch based interfaces. In order to work with all the touch API, I had to implement a framework that I’ve later reused to create the slides. Yes, the slides are also using HTML5 and the presentation was given on a tablet device. I’ve also covered the performance problems I had while porting to mobile and the workarounds I used in CSS FilterLab.

The talk was recorded and is embedded below. The source code for the slides are available on my GitHub account and you can also browse the slides online. Make sure you use left/right on your keyboard to navigate or swipe to advance to the next slide.

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