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W3Conf 2013: A Summary

The Adobe Web Platform team helped in organizing the W3Conf at the beautiful Regency Center in San Francisco on 21-22nd Feb 2013. Here are some notes from my perch behind the curtains (I was introducing the speakers!).

By all standards, the conference was a great success. Here are some metrics:

  1. We had about 20,000 viewers watching the conference live in total (there were on an average about 300 viewers watching every second of it).
  2. About 1,500 people tweeted about the conference. Notably, Faruk Ateş and Kevin Marks were live-tweeting the event.
  3. 300 people attended the event (including Tim Berners-Lee) in total. Chris Coyier live-blogged day 2 of the event.

What was talked about?

Speakers such as Joshua Davis, Eric Meyer, Lea Verou, Brad Hill, Vicki Murley, Leoni Watson (and more!), gave excellent talks on various aspects of Open Web technologies, including CSS, SVG, Accessibility, Security, and Performance. All the talks are archived on the W3Conf Youtube Channel.

We also had Alexis, Alex, and CJ from our team speaking about various aspects of the web:

Opportunities to Contribute

Larry McLister & Rebecca Hauck from our team were at the event speaking to the participants about Test the Web Forward and efforts. We had about 100 people registering their interest in participating in Test the Web Forward events (you can too, just subscribe to this mailing list)


It would be insane not to thank the valiant and super human efforts of Susan Parini, Marie Nedich, and Liz Arroyove-Federick who took care of all the logistics and the W3C for letting us be the host of this year’s event.

Wait, there is more!

We also had 2 other events that occurred just after the W3Conf: A workshop by Joshua Davis on using SVG with Processing for creative coding, and a Docsprint to add more exhaustive references to

You can work through the files from Joshua Davis’s workshop.

Join us

We are participating in many more events, and we would love to have you join us at more events.

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