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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

See us @ Adobe MAX!

We will be joining a whole entourage of other teams  from Adobe to be at Adobe Max 2013 in LA! We are going to be presenting not just sessions but also workshops and labs exclusive to MAX participants. Here are what we are going to be talking about: Sunday 5th May 2013 Lab: Deep Dive... Continue reading →

Test the Web Forward Seattle Recap

We were pleased to attend the fifth successful Test the Web Forward on April 12-13, held this time in the Pacific Northwest. The event took place at Microsoft’s Seattle office, graciously hosted by the Internet Explorer Developer Relations team. Experts, web developers, students and other newcomers came together and wrote over 500 tests on a... Continue reading →

All blend modes for CSS fragment shaders have landed

Thanks to the great work by Max Vujovic, Michelangelo de Simone and others on the Adobe Web Platform team, all blend modes for CSS fragment shaders have landed in the latest versions of Chrome Canary (with the CSS Shaders flag turned on) and Safari WebKit Nightly builds. Max has a blog post up on his personal site with... Continue reading →

Canvas blending is now in the Firefox release channel

A couple of months ago we had a blog post about adding blending in Canvas. At the time, the feature was only in the nightly builds of Firefox and Webkit. We’re excited to see that version 20 of Firefox now has this feature enabled by default. Here‘s a CodePen that shows blending in action: Open it in the... Continue reading →

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CSS Regions and Exclusions on Mobile

It’s very cool to see contributions from Adobe’s Web Platform team land in the release version of Chrome (CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions are both available behind the generic “Enable experimental WebKit features” runtime flag), but I have to say, there’s something extra cool about them showing up in the Chrome Beta for Android. Now... Continue reading →

Adaptive Web App UI with CSS Regions

By allowing text to automatically flow from one box to another, CSS Regions bring the power and flexibility of complex layout to the web. This makes it easier to build pages with layout similar to traditional newspapers and magazines, but it goes beyond that. A recent code contest with CSS Regions on CodePen showed us... Continue reading →

Links of Interest – 2

This week we have a whole slew of news items that circulated around. Check them out and feel free to comment on any of them here! Blink – A new rendering engine for the Chromium project forked from WebKit Opera adopts Blink – confirms it will follow Google and ditch WebKit for Blink, as part of its commitment to Chromium... Continue reading →