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Discontinuing CSS Localizations

Accessibility is very important for us at Adobe. We are involved in different boards and committees to make the web more awesome but also more accessible. Yesterday we announced to work on a new specification called CSS Localization. The idea was to get rid of the language barrier on web technologies starting with CSS. Web browsers would be required to support national languages like French, English or even intergalactic languages like Klingon. Web authors would not need to learn the (mainly) English keywords and use their native language instead.

However, this morning we decided to discontinue this approach. The requirement to web browsers would most likely cause a major interoperability issue. Most web pages would be broken once browsers “must not require other languages for properties and keywords than defined by the language of the content creator”. This would not only damage the web as a whole, but harm the accessibility for the content consumer dramatically. We thank everyone supporting this approach and all the comments we got.

To make it abundantly clear: It was an April Fool’s Joke!

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