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Links of Interest – 2

This week we have a whole slew of news items that circulated around. Check them out and feel free to comment on any of them here!

  • Blink – A new rendering engine for the Chromium project forked from WebKit
  • Opera adopts Blink – confirms it will follow Google and ditch WebKit for Blink, as part of its commitment to Chromium
  • Servo Project – Samsung teams up with Mozilla to build browser engine for multicore machines
  • asm.js – Firefox Nightly now has accelerated support for asm.js
  • asm.js UT3 – playable demo of Unreal Tournament 3 running in Firefox Nightly being shown at GDC03
  • Emscripten – Why developers may find this C ++ transpiler to HTML5 interesting
  • LLJS to asm.js –  It’s now possible to compile LLJS to asm.js
  • Parallel JS – Mozilla has now added high-level concurrency support to Firefox Nightly
  • Dart2js – Why dart2js produces faster JavaScript code from Dart
  • HTML5 Ray Tracer – Real-time RT engine for JavaScript (using CoffeeScript)
  • IE 11 WebGL – How to enable WebGL in Internet Explorer 11
  • Brackets Update – Type-Aware JavaScript Code Intelligence!

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