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See us @ Adobe MAX!

We will be joining a whole entourage of other teams  from Adobe to be at Adobe Max 2013 in LA! We are going to be presenting not just sessions but also workshops and labs exclusive to MAX participants. Here are what we are going to be talking about:

Sunday 5th May 2013

Lab: Deep Dive into Web Standards and Technologies, Sunday 9.00am – 403B (Session Details)
Razvan Caliman will conduct an exhaustive hands-on session for those who are yet to get dazzled by the newer features offered on the web through HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript.

Monday 6th May 2013

Lab: Layout on the Web: What’s New, Monday 2.45pm – 409B (Session Details)
In this lab session you will get to experience a hands-on tutorial that examines the latest features for laying out content on the web and how they can simplify design patterns in use today from Bear Travis.

HTML5 for ActionScript 3.0 developers, Monday 5.00pm – 510
Thibault Imbert, our Group Product Manager will take a deep dive into JavaScript & HTML5 and explain what is different from ActionScript 3.0.

Tuesday 7th May 2013

Advanced Layout with CSS, Tuesday 8.30am – 513 (Session Details)
Alan Stearns who edits the Regions specification, will speak on various layout features that are available now and those that will be available in the future including Flexbox, Grid Systems, Regions & Exclusions

Philosophy Behind Responsive Web Design, Tuesday 8.30am – 511B
Kristofer Joseph was one of the developers of Reflow, and he will walk you through some of the common pitfalls & misconceptions around responsive web design and how to achieve your design intent with simple workflows.

SVG Reboot, Tuesday 1pm – 514 (Session Details)
Dirk Schulze who is a co-editor of the SVG 2 specification, will speak with Alan Greenblatt on what SVG is, and demonstrate some features of SVG that are useful while also demonstrating some advanced features of SVG 2 that are making their way into browsers.

Creating Web Experiences with Users in Mind, Tuesday 4pm – 501A (Session Details)
Alex Chiculita and I will take you through some context for why you should care about user experience and some of the technical details of what makes a web experience awesome.

Combining Web Graphics: SVG, HTML, CSS, 2D and 3D Canvas, Tuesday 4pm – 514
Dmitry Baranovskiy will talk about Canvas, SVG and how to combine multiple graphical features to create a compeling effect.

Wednesday 8th May 2013

Go Beyond the Canvas Box to Create Your Own Cinematic Effects, Wednesday 11am – 511C (Session Details)
Alan Greenblatt will speak on how to use custom filters to create compelling web experiences and the state of browser support.

Getting Shellacked with TopCoat, Wednesday 1.30pm – 511A
Kristofer is now working on TopCoat – a UI Framework that is minimally invasive, and will talk on how to use TopCoat to build your next native desktop or mobile applications with examples of applications that use this library while also talking about how you can be a contributor to this Open Source project.

Lab: Creating Special Effects for your Web Content with CSS Filters and Shaders, Wednesday 1.30pm – 402AB (Session Details)
In this lab session you will learn about using a GLSL shader to apply interesting UI effects to create interesting web experiences from Alan Greenblatt.

The Quest for the Graphical Web, Wednesday 3.30pm – 506 (Session Details)
Ethan Malasky, our Engineering Manager is going to walk us through the history of graphics on the web and how we are at the threshold of a new era of web graphics.

Exploring Digital Reading Experiences, Wednesday 5pm – 503
CJ is going to be speaking about creating digital reading experiences and his experiences working on creating such applications using powerful new technologies.

Wait there is more!

A lot of our team members (in addition to those listed) will be around to talk to you in the Community Pavilion, and at the Adobe Booth and will be on hand to show you two brand new demos that we will be sneaking in. We will also have loads of & stickers to give away! Look us up at either of these places if you would like to chat about what we are doing for the web, the hows and the whys.

See you at MAX!

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