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Together for a better Web – Adobe and Igalia

For the past two years, the Adobe Web Platform team proposed a number of features to the Web: Regions, Shapes, Custom Filters and lately, Blend Modes. Our team contributed to the implementation of these features in WebKit, Blink and Gecko, with steady help from the communities behind these browser engines.

 Today, we are pleased to announce that for the next months, we will partner with Igalia engineers to push the implementation of the aforementioned standards. Igalia is a well-known open source consultancy based in Spain, with a wide array of contributions in open source projects, ranging from browsers to compilers, kernels, graphics and multimedia solutions, and contributions to WebKit GTK port. Our first encounter was during the Bucharest WebKit hackfest in September 2012 and was quickly followed by our participation to the WebKit GTK hackfest held last December in LaCoruña, Spain. You can read more about Igalia’s opinion on this collaboration on their blog.

They will first contribute to the CSSRegions implementation, fixing bugs and improving the selection of content in HTML pages containing regions. Hopefully, our combined efforts will lead to a quicker and broader adoption of CSSRegions in both WebKit and Blink.

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