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Chromium Embedded Framework automated builds

In our previous blog post about the Chromium Embedded Framework we announced the intention to set-up the automated build infrastructure for CEF3. Since the required infrastructure is in place, we are glad to announce the site that hosts the CEF automated builds for the CEF3 trunk, and the latest active branches. The plan is to host the builds from the last month, and also to add new ones when new branches are created.
The automated builds are scheduled to start between 4 – 9 AM GMT, and a build starts only if a change in the source code has been detected.

For every OS available, the build step generates the binary distribution (all files necessary to create an application – including header files, library files and dynamic libraries), the release build of the cefclient application and the symbols, all archived with 7-zip. The builds are generated using the script and all the packages should look like the ones from the official CEF downloads page.
The packages for Mac are built using the Mac SDK 10.7, the symbols for Windows require Visual Studio 2010 and the Linux builds require the libgtk2.0-dev packages. We also run the unit tests and we will soon start publishing the results for every build.

If you run into any problems with the posted builds on or have any sugestions for improvement, please use the CEF Forum or email us here.

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