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Swiss precision added foundation for Web Platform docs

WPDDocSprint-vertical-RGBThose of you following us on this blog will remember the 1st European Web Platform Doc Sprint earlier this year in Berlin, Germany. We did it again, and organized another “first” Doc Sprint – this time the first ever Swiss event of this kind.

A day ahead of the great Frontend Conference Zurich we invited a bunch of highly motivated fellows to Zurichs cozy co-working space CoLab. The group, led by experts from the Web Platform Stewards on site, made good progress in contributing new content and valuable edits and improvements to, which is an editable wiki and content-as-as service with API to access the content. The main content license is CC-BY. The idea, as opposed to existing documentations out there, is that everyone can contribute, and then reuse the content anywhere.

We can report the following results from the Doc Sprint:

Huge thanks go out to the longest traveller to the sprint, Francesco (who came in from Rome, Italy!), as well as the probably youngest ever Doc Sprint attendee, Samarth (age 13), who made the script tag shine on Web Platform Docs!

I’d also like to send special thanks to Chris Mills (Mozilla) as well as Mike West (Google) and contributor Rodney Rehm (who already attended the Berlin Doc Sprint) for helping us to run this event with providing 1:1 support to attendees on various questions over the day.

A huge thank you to all attendees of this Doc Sprint. Also for the awesome T-Shirts worn… 😉

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