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Cutting Edge CSS Features at 2013

Note: CSS Shapes syntax has changed. For the latest information, see CSS Shapes Module Level 1.

This year, on September 13, front-end web developers and web designers gathered in Berlin for the first edition of CSSConf held in Europe. It was an awesome event packed with highly informative and entertaining talks about features, tools, techniques and upcoming technology that super-charge CSS productivity.

I was happy to be on stage and share some insight about the CSS features we are working on at Adobe. The talk was called “Cutting edge CSS Features” and it covered CSS Regions as a tool for responsive design, CSS background blend modes and CSS Shapes. Attendees also got a sneak peek of our upcoming demo for “Alice in Wonderland” where complex CSS Shapes are used to enhance the visual storytelling experience.

As much as I rehearsed, I could not fit another upcoming CSS feature into the time I was given. Instead of rushing everything and making everyone’s heads spin, I decided to pull it out at the last moment and focus on the rest. I dropped a topic that I am really excited about so I recorded a follow-up video with an introduction to CSS Masking that uses the slides and demos I had prepared.

All the speakers covered very interesting subjects. The topics ranged from how CSS works with Web Components to how specially crafted CSS can be used to steal sensitive information. All the video recodings of the talks have been made available for free on YouTube. 2013 went down as a great debut in Europe and I am looking forward to future editions. It was a great opportunity to learn about the state of CSS and to share stories and experiences with fellow web developers and designers.

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  1. October 15, 2013 at 11:58 am, Sten Hougaard said:

    Thank you so much for not only bringing brilliant features to the web browser. It is easy to see that Adobe is a very experienced offline tool creating company, now taking things like blending and shaping to the browsers. Browsers is on a clear path to offering what we used to see only in great apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    /Sten Hougaard