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Join us and National Geographic in saving Baby Elephants!

Update (11/4/2013) : Thanks to everyone for supporting our #ProtectTheElephants. Our campaign has ended. Please follow @NatGeo to show your continued support.

Elephants are increasingly endangered as people expand into their habitats, and poaching has drastically exacerbated the plight of the African elephant in particular. In 2012 the National Geographic cover story “Blood Ivory” revealed a complex, international web of trade that has contributed to the deaths of at least 25,000 elephants each year. Fewer than 700,000 now remain in the wild.

Adobe and National Geographic are working together to promote the conservation and protection of elephants and other wildlife by providing grants to scientists and conservationists who are working around the globe to address human-animal conflict and improve our understanding of the biology and conservation needs of elephants and other species

Tweet and help save these elephants

With every tweet that includes the hashtag #ProtecttheElephants Adobe will donate $1 to the National Geographic Society to help save these elephants.

Sample Tweet:$1 donated by @adobeweb to @natgeo society – – for every tweet with #ProtectTheElephants

Watch the video if you want to learn more how Adobe and National Geographic are working together to use the latest web technologies like CSS Regions to deliver compelling stories through the modern web.


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    Thank you wildlife needs all the support it can get