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The Web Platform Team at HTML5 Dev Conf

HTML5 Dev Conf is happening soon in San Francisco, and many of our team members will be there as speakers and attendees. Here are all the stuff we are going to be talking to you about:

Arno Gourdol will be speaking about how cupcakes, Alice in the Wonderland and Baby Elephants are moving the web forward. Does that sound like a riddle? Don’t worry, you will get to see boundary-pushing demonstrations of the latest features that our team has been working on to make the web richer for designers and developers on Oct 23 in E-134 at 9am.

CJ, who has been working on pioneering showcases of the future of the web, will be speaking about how to create rich web experiences using different techniques, and explore how new web features may change the way we create rich web content on Oct 22 in E-132 at 2.30pm.

Alan Stearns, who edits the Regions and Shapes specifications and has spent significant time thinking about layout in CSS, will be speaking about various layouting mechanisms that are available today (like Flexbox and viewport units) and preview upcoming features like Grid Layout, Regions, Shapes and Exclusions) on Oct 22 in E-120 at 10.40am.

Alan Greenblatt, who has been experimenting with blend modes, regions and SVG filters while writing a mighty fine cross-browser library to take advantage of SVG filters for styling, will be speaking about SVG filters, CSS filters, and Blend Modes on Oct 22 in N-120 at 4pm.

Dmitry Baranovskiy has been working on a new JavaScript Library that will be unveiled during his talk on Oct 23 in E-133 at 11.40am! This one will be exciting!

I will be speaking on how GPU impacts web developers and what you can use to learn more about it and use it in the right manner on Oct 22 at 11.40am in E-131.

There will also be other Adobe folks talking about interesting ways Adobe tools could be of use to you.

  1. Tomas Krcha will be talking about using JavaScript to program your own workflows from Photoshop on Oct 23 in N-120 at 2.30pm.

  2. Adam Lehman will speak on Brackets: An Open Source Code Editor for the web on Oct 22 in E-133 at 5pm.

  3. Paul Trani will speak on how Creative Cloud helps you in creating better web experiences on Oct 23 in E-130 at 2.30pm.

  4. Jacob Surber will talk about how Edge Reflow helps in visualizing and communicating your responsive intent on Oct 22 in E-130 at 2.30pm.

  5. Alejandro Gutierrez will show how you can explore HTML5 and CSS through the eyes of Dreamweaver on Oct 22 in E-130 at 10.40am.

  6. Sarah Hunt will teach you how to get started with web animations using Edge Animate on Oct 23 in N-120 at 1.30pm.

  7. Andrew Trice has a few sessions on PhoneGap and Cross-platform mobile development, so does Christopher Coenraets.

We hope to see you there! We also will be at our booth where you can find us (let us know on twitter too!) and chat more about what you think about our features, and what we can do to make your design and development better.

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