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Monthly Archives: December, 2013

Web Platform team passes 1,000 commits to WebKit

Earlier this month, the Web Platform team at Adobe reached a significant milestone: 1,000 commits to the WebKit open source project.  This only accounts for commits made by members of the team while they were employed by Adobe, and the majority of this work took place over the last 2 years.  We now have 11... Continue reading →

Introducing the New Adobe Web Platform Showcase

Before Adobe’s Web Platform team begins work on a new web standard — whether it’s contributing to a specification or actually implementing a feature — we take some time to really understand the specific problems we’re trying to solve. Additionally, after a feature has been prototyped, we spend more time validating that it works the... Continue reading →

CSS Shapes in Last Call

The CSS Working Group published a Last Call Working Draft of CSS Shapes Module Level 1 yesterday. This specification describes how to assign an arbitrary shape such as a circle or polygon to a float and to have inline content wrap around the shape’s contour, rather than the boring old float rectangle. A Last Call draft... Continue reading →