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Introducing the New Adobe Web Platform Showcase

Before Adobe’s Web Platform team begins work on a new web standard — whether it’s contributing to a specification or actually implementing a feature — we take some time to really understand the specific problems we’re trying to solve. Additionally, after a feature has been prototyped, we spend more time validating that it works the way developers and designers expect and want it to. The primary way we do both these things is by:

  1. Building cutting-edge experiences that intentionally push the edges of the web.
  2. Work with some of the best digital agencies and media partners in the business to make sure we’re solving real-world problems in powerful and intuitive ways.

The new Adobe Web Platform Showcase lists some of these experiments. You can learn more about which features and concepts each project focuses on by watching the embedded videos, or — if you don’t mind enabling cutting-edge graphical and layout features in your browser — you can even check them out for yourself. Feel free to use the video or blog post comments to let us know what you think.

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