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Bear talks about filters on CSS-Tricks

Some time ago, we got a facelift at our Baker-Hamilton building in San Francisco. For a while, all of the conference rooms were floor-to-ceiling clear glass. The masses were horrified to think that we’d be on display during meetings, like goldfish in a goldfish bowl. So when the frosted glass was applied to the windows, it was the “talk of the town,” as they say. As all good memes do, it spread: before we knew it, several folks had said, “We should really do something around frosted-glass effect in web design.” About that time, Chris Coyier invited Bear Travis to write a guest article on CSS-Tricks. The subject that came to mind? Frosting Glass with CSS Filters. Hmmm…


Then again, Jacob just told me that it all started with Arno trying to do a frosted-glass effect on his photos. Where do memes originate?

Enjoy Frosting Glass with CSS Filters.

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